Systemic Coaching

Each individual’s internal makeup is unique. Their mind is shaped through upbringing, experiences and discoveries. It only makes sense that the process of finding one’s own path and making steps toward change need to be tailored to each individual.

External factors also play a role. Family, work, media and society can greatly influence one’s own decision making.

It can often be very hard to maintain perspective when bombarded by all these factors.

Systemic coaching can be used to cope with both internal and external issues, both in private and in professional life.

Systemic coaching is highly suited for anyone who wants to change and improve conditions in their private and professional life:

  • Entrepreneurs (commerce, service)
  • Self-employed and freelance professionals
    (such as naturopaths, graphic designers)
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Employees
  • Private individuals

I look forward to helping you find order in your life so that you can discover the best way forward.

I look forward to providing you my professional support.
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