Line-ups are suitable for private and professional life and in business. They can be helpful to clarify the connections and relations between a number of issues, and to gain perspective regarding conflicts, available options and questions worth pursuing further.

Line-up with notes

Once you have described your issue, we cooperatively establish its relations and determine which people, animals, objects should be connected to it. The session takes place with the help of notes.

This method can help to work through the following issues:

  • You have a conflict in your private or professional life and would like to understand why the conflict exists and how an improvement can be achieved
  • You have a number of different options and cannot determine which choice is the most optimal
  • You would like to understand the structure of a system (team, business, family)

Line-up and Mediation with Sound Therapy

This method can be applied to many fields. Sound can sometimes be more effective than words because it is immediate and does not need explanation. The Line-up takes place with different sound instruments.

Sound can be helpful in the following situations:

  • Treatment of conflicts (sound is not subject to misinterpretation in the way words are)
  • You are facing different options and are unsure which to choose
  • You would like to deepen your understanding of a certain issue

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