Consultation for Parents, Children and Young People

Within a few generations, the conduct and position of children and young people in society has changed greatly. This transformation makes one wonder whether it is only the kids who are different, or that it may be the environment as well.

Today, children and young people face very different challenges than in the past. Older generations were born and raised during a time of economic upswing. Kids and young people must deal with significant tasks which the previous generations have not fully dealt with, such as reforms to the economy, to education, and to the healthcare and pension systems.

For social change to happen, children and young people must be different from the previous generations and must learn how to think differently.

Rigid structures in society, school and work no longer appropriately prepare younger generations for life, but children and young people must deal with these systems daily and come to terms with them. At least, this is what is expected of them.

It is therefore not surprising that problems arise regularly in school and in society at large.

Parents are often at a loss in these situations because they know that these systems do not suit their children anymore. Since systems such as school are compulsory, parents often have no choice other than to expose their kids to them.

What is missing is an open discussion about this dilemma.

For children and young people, it is important to realize their potential and to be able to express themselves.

I will assist you in dealing with the following issues:

  • Communication between you and your child/children
  • Career choice – what are your child’s talents and strengths
  • Problems at school / at work / in everyday life
  • Finding free space for your children

I look forward to providing you my professional support.
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