Aura Counseling

What does aura mean?

The aura is the energy field around a physical body. This energy field surrounds every person and contains important information that can help with the treatment of one’s issues.

The cause of many problems that occur is frequently connected to:

  • A previous life
  • Ancestral lineage
  • Learning tasks that one has chosen for this life
  • Negative experiences and traumas of this life

As a first step, I will read the information present in your energy field (aura reading). This is purely a surveying exercise. In order to treat your issues (aura clearing), I employ various methods, such as:

  • Sound-therapy
  • Color-therapy
  • Vibration essences
  • Knowledge transfer (it is often necessary to understand the energetic effects of certain things)
  • Negotiation coaching
  • Itemization (with notes and sound)

Aura counseling can also be used successfully for professional issues like the following:

  • Vocation reading
  • Business reading
  • Belief systems – beliefs, judgements, values, attitudes or behavior
  • Finding appropriate spaces

Contractual arrangements

Contractual arrangements usually only consider legal expressions. Often overlooked is that every contract also has an “energy impact” that is perhaps not deliberate and that can hinder one’s life. I can advise you on how to properly arrange new contracts that take this very important aspect into consideration, and on how to treat energy issues in your existing contracts. (This is not a form of legal advice).

I look forward to providing you my professional support.
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